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For many people we wait until there is a problem with our air conditioning and then react to that problem which can be time consuming and costly. It could be that irritating noise from a unit, a particular room not cooling as well as it should or a strange intermittent smell when the AC is on. Did you know that leaving these problems to continue can affect the daily function of your units and in the long run cost you more in DEWA and repair?

It is industry considered that air conditioning maintenance should be done three times per year (typically scheduled every 4 months). Some companies will offer more and some less as part of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). This is primarily to ensure that all your units are always functioning at peak performance. It is also to identify any potential problems that may occur. A qualified and experienced technician will be able to identify problems on inspection and service and present you with possible solutions before they become too expensive. Hence why it is sometimes referred to as preventative maintenance.

What are 5 benefits of routine AC maintenance:

1. Improved air quality

With a clean system through your ducts, filters, and integrated components you will only be breathing cleaner air.

2. Reduced DEWA bills

Regular maintenance will ensure that all essential components of your unit are working as efficiently as possible therefore impacting on the cooling ability of the unit and therefore reducing your household bills.

3. Greater home comfort

When carrying out a preventative maintenance visit, skilled technicians can carefully inspect all essential components of the air conditioner. They have the ability to take readings, identify possible problems or worn-out parts that may be a cause for concern. A smooth-running system will only benefit you in the comfort of your own home.

4. Fewer emergency call outs and possible costly repairs

Regular maintenance of air conditioner systems in your villa may be a short-term inconvenience but are well worth it. A quarterly maintenance inspection allows qualified professionals to ensure everything is in the best condition possible. At the scheduled maintenance visit damaged or worn parts can be replaced independently before they potentially have a greater effect on other components. Preventative maintenance is better than reactive maintenance.

5. Prolong the life of your system

An annual maintenance contract will allow your systems to always operate at its peak performance even in the height of the summer. Regular maintenance helps keep one of the largest investments at your home running wisely and efficiently.

Effectively looking after your household or office systems will lead to long term benefits for you and your family. The companies listed with Trustatrade carry all the relevant experience in AC maintenance and repair. Whether it is a one off service required or the additional benefits of an Annual Maintenance Contract they can be trusted to do the job properly the first time.


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To join trustatrade, service providers must first pass our rigorous vetting procedure. Each trader must supply us with complete information about their accreditation, qualifications, professional memberships, and insurance after submitting an application. We also request that they provide us with samples of a variety of previous plumbing repairs, from emergency call-outs to full bathroom renovations, as well as references from real former customers. Only then will we consider whether that individual has the aptitude, honesty, and professionalism necessary to be recognized as a trusted service provider.
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At trustatrade, we believe that there is no one better to educate you about a local trader’s services than real customers. We invite all past and present consumers of the traders associated with trustatrade to evaluate the services they received. They are encouraged to rate their trader on a scale of 1 to 6 in each of six categories, including punctuality, cleanliness, and quality.

Each of the local plumbers profiled on our site has been assigned a star rating between one and five based on their feedback. However, you probably noticed that most of the traders listed in trustatrade are in the 4.5 to 5 range. We only allow the greatest, most dependable traders to join our listings. In rare cases, when a trader receives a negative review, our Customer Services Team investigates the situation. If no satisfactory solution can be found, the trader is banned from our website.

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