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There are so many options on the market for window or door coverings that it can become quite overwhelming when deciding what’s best for your space. You may have an idea or have found an inspiration online but invariably your preferred Trustatrade service provider may give you alternative options.

From vertical, roman, roller or venetian blinds to black out, eyelet, motorised or pencil pleat curtains there is a plethora of options, but the tips below may help you make your mind up.


Your first priority is to make sure the colors match the room aesthetic. It sounds simple but your window coverings can drastically alter the overall feel of the space.

It’s also important to remember your room aspect especially in the UAE. If your room gets flooded with sunlight for long periods of the day, then stay away from strong colors as it can make your coverings fade very quickly in the summer months. As a simple rule, choose your blinds or curtains with neutral tones or light colors.

How to measure

Your Trusatrade service provider will no doubt come and take full measurements in advance but it’s good to remember as a rule that blinds or curtain panels should typically be wider than your window to allow for pleating. The overall length is decided by how you want the floor (or bottom of window) to top of window finish to look. Drapes as a rule should go down to the floor. If you want to give the illusion of bigger walls or windows, then just increase your measurements by a few inches.

Care instructions

This is very important to discuss with your Trustatrade professional. Your curtains are often overlooked to be cleaned regularly so just double check how they are to be maintained. Is the selected material dry cleaning only or can they simply be removed and washed in the machine? If they are machine friendly what temperature and cleaning agents can be used?
Consider how much time you can dedicate for cleaning and maintenance.For blind maintenance this will depend on their finish material. Always make sure to check with your Trustatrade professional how to clean them. Be careful as some cleaning materials will affect the finish.

Material selection

Blinds will be available in multiple styles (Roman, panel and duplex to name a few) However, there is also the option to have wooden or aluminum as a finish too. Sheers can come plain or with a pattern so its good to think about how it is to be used in the overall look of the space. Sheers will filter light and glares of the midday sun.
Curtains have multiple options available and again think about room functionality before you decide on the material. Are your window coverings aesthetical or practical by their nature? Most will use cotton, wool, silk or linen. The thicker the fabric the better it will be at heat absorption and ability to control the temperature of the space.


Getting the right fabric, right measurements, and the right color won’t do you much good if the style of the blinds or curtains doesn’t click with your personal preferences.
There are a lot of stylistic blinds and curtain ideas to choose from. Do you want to stick with plain colors and a sleek design for a modern look? Will you go for deep colors, embroidery, and frills for a Victorian or Edwardian aesthetic?
Blinds can be as boring as generic shutters, white with no style at all, or as unique as vertical sheers using rotating glass materials.

Functionality and practicality

Shutters and generic blinds tend to be very easy to use with one line to open and close and another to rotate panels if applicable. Floor to ceiling curtains over a wide expanse will be harder to operate so consider your mechanism. Our trade professionals will be able to  provide you with multiple options including motorised that can be operated at the click of a button.

Safety as a priority

Traditional blinds can pose an immediate threat to young children with hanging cords and is very important to consider when dressing bedroom spaces. Have you considered using sheers or slats in children’s rooms? Consider the location of beds when selecting the functionality of your windows and blinds. If in doubt speak to your Trustatrade professional who will give you guidance on options.

Factor in the space

Be careful not to style a whole room around your window coverings. Consider your room finishing, fabrics and colors first. Your window or door coverings should work with your room not the other way round. Its more costly and time consuming to decorate a room around your curtains or blinds than the other way around.
Our listed professionals will be able to talk you through suitable finishes that enhance your space.

Energy efficiency

At the height of the summer in the UAE your AC units will be working especially hard to cool your spaces. Did you know that your curtains and blinds can support to lowering your DEWA bills and therefore making your AC units more efficient at cooling? Selecting the right curtains in the warmer months will not only help with air flow but can directly impact positively on your DEWA bill

Your budget and guarantee

Most people have a vision of what they want but don’t really know how much it costs until they talk to a professional. The best advice is to set a realistic budget for your window and door coverings and work within those parameters. Our Trustatrade professionals will be happy to give you a no obligation quotation but will also provide you with options considering your budget. Also consider fitting costs and guarantee provided by the supplier. However, part of that guarantee will be that your coverings are maintained within the stipulated guidelines so just make sure you check the small print!


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