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Car Service – some hints and tips to help.

Typically our cars will come to the end of a service package from the garage we purchased it from and we seek to find an alternative provider to carry out regular vehicle servicing all of which can be found in our directory of companies.

A dealer service package will outline what’s included and what is excluded when you purchase the car but what happens when you do not have one? What can be expected? We have outlined a few hints, tips and advice points below to help you make the right choices.

So what may or may not be included in a service from an independent garage?

Some garages will just do a full visual check of components (for example tyre tread depth, windscreen wipers, engine bay visual amongst others) with the addition of an oil filter change along with a full oil change.

However, others will carry out multiple point checklist and upon completion will give you a detailed report on your vehicle. They will outline their findings on all aspects of your vehicle. It will be a comprehensive list of points. It is always advisable to have a copy of this.

Remember once received, keep this document safe with all other car documents and also for reference before you go for your next scheduled service.

Frequency of servicing

Most services are on an annual basis or at a certain kilometer reading. With newer vehicles it is typical that your car will tell you that you are due a service each time you turn on the ignition. However, depending on daily kilometer usage. For example, frequent shorter trips typically mean the engine doesn’t have sufficient time to want up properly and can impact on your oil and filter changes.

Running faults and repairs

Sometimes if it is not our area of expertise or profession it’s difficult to explain the problem you may be experiencing. Have a chat with the mechanic and if necessary, take them out in the car to demonstrate the problem so they can experience and see the same issues you see. Does the issue only happen when you start the engine for the first time in the morning, how long does it last, is the issue only in higher speeds – all these are factors to mention if applicable to the technician.

Some other hints and tips to consider:

  • When your car service is completed – ask to see the parts that have been replaced. When you take your car to the garage make sure to let them know you want to see all parts replaced. A reputable garage will have no issues in showing you the reasons why a part needed replacing.
  • Your service book is stamped in accordance with the service carried out and all relevant sections of the book are completed. This is very important to maintain service validity and when you come to sell the vehicle too.
  • “After market” or original parts. Original parts will often be more expensive to purchase but can carry warranties and guarantees above aftermarket parts. Original parts may last longer and be more reliable – take a recommendation from your trusted garage according to the parts functionality. “After-market” parts typically are cheaper to purchase. They will still do the same job as that of an original but are not always guaranteed or recommended in certain instances. Whichever method you choose – make sure you see packaging when you collect the vehicle to verify what has been used (especially if you have requested original parts).
  • Agree your prices before any work is carried out. Request that any work is approved in advance. Ask that a formal quotation is sent including a breakdown of costs when the vehicle is taken to the garage and that no work is carried out unless agreed by you – the client.
  • Time – how long will your car be in the garage and do they offer a complimentary hire car. Always good to establish your timescales in advance so you can plan your days accordingly.
  • Check for garage reviews – are other clients happy with the service of the garage? With Trustatrade listings this is a guarantee. All listings are vetted, approved, and reviewed for your peace of mind.

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