Member Code of Conduct

Members Pledge to their customers:

I/we agree to:

  • Be honest in all dealings with customers.
  • Be realistic in regards to work dates and the length of time required to carry out a contract.
  • Let the customer know immediately if your company is unable to carry out work that has been estimated for, to allow the customer to find another trade professional if required.
  • Keep to all appointments booked and to the time agreed. If your company is unable to make the original time or date Iyou commit to call the customer to let them know and try to re-schedule where possible.
  • Refer the customer back to if your company is unable to carry out a contract that has been booked.
  • Return all phone messages promptly.
  • Be courteous and respectful to all customers, their property and their belongings.
  • Reply to and deal with any customer complaints received promptly.
  • Inform customers of any call-out fee to be charged before attending the works.
  • Keep the customers notified regarding all aspects of works being undertaken.
  • Advise the customer before commencing any additional works that would incur additional cost due to a variation in the original contract adding any variations agreed with the customer to original contract. This will then be signed as an addition by both parties. (Customer & Trade professional)
  • Ask your customer to fill out the company review at the end of each job completed.

Members Pledge to and understand that:

  • Giving all customers a link to your page to fill out a review each time a job has been completed.
  • The feedback link must be left with the customer to complete in their own time.
  • Be courteous and respectful to all employees of
  • Supply with a copy of your company Public Liability Insurance schedule and any applicable Accreditations on sign up and renewal.
  • Return all proofs requests for entry into website guide within 5 working days, to allow for publication deadlines.
  • Pay all invoices promptly and report to as soon as possible if any circumstances change that could affect scheduled payments.
  • All messages left by or customers are returned promptly.
  • Inform if any company information or contact details change.
  • Never carrying out works that require a qualified or certified person to do so unless I use a qualified trades person as a Sub-Contractor.
  • That we are responsible for any Sub-Contracted works and their standards match that of your company.
  • Any complaints made by a customer will receive a prompt response, and that my company will contact the customer to resolve the complaint as soon as possible.
  • reserves the right to publish on its website or elsewhere any feedback provided to them.
  • shall not be liable to any trade member for any damages or losses suffered as a result of the publication of customer’s feedback on its website or elsewhere.
  • As a Trade member if my company does not comply with the Code of Conduct and
  • Ethics detailed, reserves the right to suspend my membership.
  • Informing all company associated customers that their contact details may be shared with to allow feedback to be collected to help other consumers make an informed decision when choosing a Trade professional or service provider.