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Moving day is exciting and daunting at the same time no matter how big or small the move. It can be very stressful especially if you have young children or household pets. Moving day is a challenge logistically and many things to remember with moving out of a property and moving into your new home.

Move in out permits, DEWA connections, Internet connection, gas connections and cleaning companies can all be involved along side a reputable moving company to assist in your move.

Below we have listed a few hints and tips to help you and your day run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

  • Move in/out permits – print two copies in advance. One for your moving company and one for yourself for verification at your new property.
  • Connections – DEWA, DU, gas may all be required to plan in advance. Make sure you have all arranged and relevant property access organized in advance of the move.
  • Rehydrate and eat – Always ensure you have plenty of snacks and drinks. Remember your packing company will be removing your fridge so prepare a cool box with essentials drinks and snacks you will need until your fridge is unpacked. Pop the cool box in the car that morning and this will ensure everyone is catered for until you need it.
  • Keep things simple and organized – A simple tip is label each door of your current house  such as daughters room, family room, master bathroom etc and then when you get to your new property do the same to each area that can be identified. This way its nice and clear for the moving company to understand where to relocate packed boxes in the new home. Pack all essential valuable items (jewelry, travel documents etc) into a suitcase and pop it in the car on the morning of the move. This way there is no cause for concern from the moving company or yourself. Keep things simple – don’t pack the unnecessary items, your moving company will be able to take care of everything.
  • Leave only when everything has been checked. Check with your removal company that they take an inventory or checklist of numbered boxes when you move out. When they arrive at your new home, request the list and check each one off the truck. This way you will know you have received everything the first time. Always make sure you check ALL cupboards and drawers of your old property. It is your responsibility and your possessions after all!
  • Take pictures of the property (don’t forget the outside spaces) when you move out. Document everything! This way you protect yourself against any undue claims from landlords.
  • If possible, have someone at the new property before your removal company arrives. This allows you to be best prepared for the organization and unpacking. If you notice any damaged packaging – report it to the supervisor or manager immediately and check that there is no damage to possessions. If needed – take pictures.
  • Whilst the unpacking process is underway just find a safe space for small children and pets. This will ensure the smooth transition into your new home.

10 Questions to ask your removal company:


1. When Will You Conduct a Home Removals Survey?

The purpose of a home removals survey is to provide you with an accurate quote and for the removals team to inspect the house, allowing them to prepare for the move in advance. You don’t want to waste your time or money and so a home removals survey will ensure there’s no confusion and that the job can be conducted successfully. You should not be charged for this visit.

This survey is where the removals company will start asking you questions such as how many items are being relocated, do you need any specific requirements and so on. You should also take this opportunity to ask the removals team the more obvious questions such as when they’re free, how long they think the move will take and what will happen on the physical moving day.

2. Do You Have Insurance?

One of the most important questions to ask your removal company is what insurance they have. The removal team is going to be handling your most valuable belongings, so you need to know what their insurance does or doesn’t cover. They often don’t cover valuable items, so you may have to get them covered separately. Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their insurance policy if they have it in place – most companies will happily let you see it.

3. Are Your Staff Regularly Trained?

Find out if the removal company’s staff are trained and how regularly. This will determine how well your possessions will be taken care of.

Many companies will regularly train staff to ensure they keep up with the latest removal techniques and technology. You can also ask if they are in full uniform and whether the team is casual, contractors or are fully employed. Although not true of all cases, casual workers are less inclined to worry about the condition of your belongings and the quality of their work.

4. What Other Services Do You Offer?

Most removal companies offer other removal services such as packing services and storage facilities – some will even specialise in white glove delivery services for the more difficult or fragile items.

Offering a packing service is one of the most common extras that removal companies provide. If your items are professionally packed, it will minimise the risk of damage during the move and help you save on your removal costs. Let them know in advance if you need help so they can set aside enough time. Usually, your packing service would be completed the day before your move, so be prepared.

5. When should I pay the removal company?

Another important question to ask your removal company, is when do you pay and what payment methods do they accept? You should ask whether you’ll be paying on the day or in advance and how you’ll be able to pay. You might want to question them further if they only accept cash as most reputable companies take credit card payments or cheques. You can also further question them about the actual removal costs and any added fees.

Typically, removal companies in Dubai will request an advance payment (50% is standard) and the balance on completion of your move. Always check for damages in advance and agree how this is to be rectified by both parties prior to final payment.

6. Do you charge for waiting time?

Be aware that some removal companies will charge you if there are delays. It’s important to ask your removal company in advance whether this will occur, as it’s good to be prepared for unexpected delays or last minute moves. If you are buying and selling properties, there can often be a hold up with the solicitor on moving day and so it’s important to know whether this could affect the move and overall price.

7. What size vehicles do you use?

Depending on how much you need to move, the size of their removal van is important, making it a great question to ask your moving company. A small van aiming to pack up a 3-bed house is going to take multiple trips and much more time but will be better suited to areas with restricted access. They can determine how big the van will need to be when they first survey your house but you should still know the size of their fleet and how many trips they’ll need.

8. What are your contact details?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask your removal company, but you’ll need to have their full address and contact details in case there are any problems and you need to contact them. If they are a legitimate company, it’s likely they will have an office, landline number and a good website as a form of contact.

This information will also allow you to check references and conduct research on the company’s recommendations and previous jobs. It also allows you to visit their location if need be. Alternatively, you can check out their credentials on our website.

9. What is your cancellation policy?

During the sale and purchase of a home, delays can occur which may force you to cancel or postpone the moving date. Understanding a moving company’s policy is important as they may charge for cancellations. This should be stated in their Terms & Conditions but don’t be afraid to ask to confirm so that there are no surprise costs if the worst should occur.

10. What Happens if it Rains?

It might seem like an odd question to ask especially here in the UAE but it’s important to know what equipment the removal company has and what conditions they can work under. You’ll be reassured if they have the appropriate covers and equipment needed to protect your belongings from bad weather.

It’s unlikely that a reputable company will cancel a job in the event of bad weather. Only torrential rain will usually affect the success of a relocation. However, it’s always important to ask beforehand so that you gain a better understanding of their removal plan and how they prepare for the job.


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